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Home Improvement Services

Before you start your home improvement be sure to make Kiwican Home Improvement Services your first call, we want to ensure that you never need another. That's why we work hard to deliver results that fit your vision and standards. Our team can take on whole-home projects, as well as focused cosmetic kitchen and bathroom remodels. Some of our specific services include:

Home Improvement In Centennial,  CO - Tile

Tiling:  Looking for the perfect accent tile for your new bathroom vanity and fixtures?  Let us take the stress out of decision making. We'll help you decide on the ideal tile and install it using today's most innovative products.  We also provide the same level of service for other areas of the home that might require the durability of tile; like the kitchen or laundry room.  

Residential Remodeling in Centennial, CO - Drywall

Drywall:  You have a drywall repair due to a plumbing leak?  Don't worry we've got you covered.  We provide drywall services for new construction, residential remodeling and repairs.  We'll seal off the area as best we can so the dust from construction doesn't spread throughout your home.  No one wants to come home from a busy day at work to find an inch of dust covering their furniture. 

Flooring Service Centennial,  CO - KiwiCan Home Improvement Services

Flooring:  We offer complete custom flooring and have spent many hours laying vinyl plank, laminate, engineered hardwood and tile. As part of this service, we'll pull out your old flooring and trim and dispose of it prior to the installation of your new flooring. You won't have the neighbors or HOA complaining about construction debris on the side of your driveway when we take on your home improvement project.

Trim Work

Trim Work:  More often than not, you'll end up replacing the trim when you're going through a remodel, especially if your'e replacing the flooring.  We'll help you decide on a combination of baseboard and casing that will compliment your style of home and personal taste.  Once you've made your decision we'll organize delivery or pickup of the material from a local supplier so you don't have to.  

Residential Painting Centennial,  CO - KiwiCan Home Improvement Services

Residential Painting:   Need a fresh coat of paint? We handle all of the prep work prior to painting including pressure washing, scraping, sanding, spackling, texturing and caulking. We will then help you select the best color and type of paint for the job and deliver the highest quality workmanship possible.

Need help with a service we don't provide?  Give us a call anyway and we'll put you in touch with one of our  trusted partners.  
No matter the project, we'll do everything in our power to get it done for you.